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How to attract a bucket load of Magento sales without a corporate advertising budget

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Trying to increase sales for your ecommerce website is a tall order. With everybody competing for the same customers, it can be a thankless and expensive challenge. With Magento Marketing your website is armed with a new way of thinking and proven system for giving you an advantage.

You’ll learn…

  • How to raise your prices and still generate more sales
  • Why your competitors are wrong and what this means for you
  • How to generate consistent and repeat sales for free
  • How to maximise sales without increasing your advertising spend
  • How to create promotions which your customers can’t resist buying

Learn tried and tested techniques

Michael Angrave & Lee Hancock have crafted the Ultimate Magento Marketing system which has been successfully deployed in countless Magento website with mind-blowing effect. These ideas will transform the way that you approach ecommerce marketing forever.

Jamie Tabor

Having worked closely with Michael & Lee on several projects now, I can safely say these guys are the real deal. They’ve always bought exciting and innovative ideas to the table, and more importantly been able to demonstrate how these techniques have been implemented, often with breath-taking effectiveness, proving what you’re about to read is based on real results not theory.

Jamie Tabor
Head of Marketing, Leicester City Football Club

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