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Magento CRM

I’d like to share with you, one of the most important foundations of building a Splendid Apple style Magento Marketing system for your ecommerce business in order to increase your profitability. An integrated Magento CRM tool.

Imagine how your business would feel if you had the ability to send instant marketing messages to customers depending on demographics, behaviours or interests and purchase history?

And the ability to do all of this without lifting a finger?

All whilst having the business intelligence to know exactly how valuable each and every customer is to your business, and what you can spend to acquire a new one?

In business, one of the most valuable assets you can own is your list of prospects and customers, so isn’t it time you started treating this asset with the respect it deserves?

What is a Magento CRM?

A CRM (Client Relationship Manager) is software that will store all of your customer data in a central location which can be accessed at any given point. Magento itself, stores details of orders and customers, but it doesn’t give you the ability to store information on their behaviours and interests and much more.

“In business, one of the most valuable assets you can own is your list of prospects and customers.”

If you have immediate access to be able to send marketing messages at will, then you effectively have the potential to generate sales at the click of a button.

Your list will give you the power to:

  • Promote offers and generate sales
  • Request product reviews
  • Get feedback on new ideas
  • Gather support for awards and events

Ecommerce Metrics You Need

The secret to successful marketing is putting in place the functionality to measure and fine-tune every element of your marketing system. If you’re spending on advertising or SEO, then wouldn’t you like to know where your system is working, and where it isn’t?

Most advertising platforms such as Google AdWords, Facebook and Twitter will give you the means to track the effectiveness of your campaigns, but that only really tells you part of the story. Where you will be able to get an advantage over your competition is to measure and track a handful of key metrics.

Lifetime Customer Spend

If your average first time buyer spends £35, it would be a dangerous game to spend £40 on advertising to acquire each one, however if you have evidence that your marketing funnel and back-end campaigns mean that each customer goes on to spend £500 over their lifetime with you, then suddenly spending £40 to acquire them seems like much more of a sensible idea.

You can learn more about creating a Magento Marketing system when you claim your FREE copy of Magento Marketing

This kind of marketing insight can only be achieved by putting in place the right metrics to allow you to do this. Magento unfortunately, doesn’t do this out of the box, so you’ll need to employ the help of a CRM tool to take care of this.

RFM Segmentation for Magento

Keeping track of your key commercial metrics will not only allow you to intelligently make decisions, but also allow you to send targeted messages to different types of customers.

One of the most financially beneficial ways to segment your customers is by RFM which stands for Recency, Frequency and Monetary.

R = Recency – Group customers depending on when the last order was placed

F = Frequency – Group customers depending on how many orders they’ve placed

M = Monetary – Group customers depending on how much they’ve spent in total

Magento Abandoned Cart Campaign

Have you ever been about to buy a product only to be distracted or have a last-minute change of heart, only to receive an email from the store owners a few hours later? The email might be reminding you of the items you almost purchased, or even offering you an incentive to complete the order?

This is known as an abandoned cart campaign and can significantly help to increase conversion rates across your store.

CRM & Magento Integration

Magento is a shopping cart, which means it’s great at allowing you to take orders, however it’s not so great at keeping track of your relationship with each customer and allowing you to market specifically to them, and that’s the way it should be. It’s much more productive to use each platform for its key strengths.

Many CRM developers already realise the value in partnering with shopping cart providers, so the good news is that there’s already a bunch of options that you can choose from.

Popular Ecommerce CRM Features

Using software to manage your clients is crucial in any business no matter what size, but in ecommerce, it’s so frequently overlooked.

Here are a few features of CRM software:

Segmenting based on purchase history and interests – Identify and market to the most profitable pockets of your customers to maximise your marketing spend.

Tracking referrals and loyalty – Encourage customers to repeat purchase and recommend their family and friends. Some CRM systems will keep track of customers or partners which were the original source allowing you to dynamically pay royalties or points.

Personalised content – each and every customer to your store has their own unique requirements, so being able to only show products and offers to customers which have indicated interest helps to increase revenue and engagement.

Marketing automation – Automation is exactly what it says on the tin. Emails, letters, SMS, tweets, tasks and more can be configured to send automatically depending on time delays, dates, pages visited or email links clicked. Automation campaigns can be used to follow up abandoned carts, send birthday offers, request reviews and so much more.

Opportunity management – If your store sells offline, for example you have a team of telesales reps, then you’ll want to integrate this with your online marketing too. Having this data in two separate systems guarantees you’ll be missing out on revenue opportunities.

Coupon Management – Generate unique coupon codes and expiry dates for personalised offers to individuals not mass marketing.

Key financial metrics – Take the guess work out of tracking your Magento store and make decisions based on facts not feelings. Setting up a system to provide you and your team with all of the required intelligence will help you to make continued. improvements.

Forms and landing pages – Getting your customer’s information into your Magento CRM requires the user to input their contact information. In Magento by default, the only opportunity to do this is when the customer places an order, or signs up for the newsletter. Avoid large development costs by remotely hosting pages targeted at capturing contact details within your CRM.

Best Magento CRM Software

As you can imagine, being Magento specialists here at Splendid Apple, we’ve had the opportunity to work with lots of different CRM and email automation platforms. So we thought we’d compile the most comprehensive review of some of our favourite providers.

And if you want to find out which one will work best for you, then download this exclusive FREE Magento CRM checklist.

1. Infusionsoft + Revenue Conduit

Infusionsoft CRM Logo

Best Magento CRM 2017

Infusionsoft is a small business CRM which takes track of both the online and offline side of sales and marketing. Their famous online campaign builder makes creating marketing automation logic simple and easy to follow.

Infusionsoft comes with a built-in ecommerce store builder option with their Deluxe Ecommerce packages and above packages, giving you the option to keep track of customer behaviours, spending, interests and more.

Infusionsoft doesn’t directly integrate with Magento, so you’ll need the guys at Revenue Conduit to help out in this department. Not only will Revenue Conduit ensure order data, customer data and other key information is synchronised, they also have some of the most powerful automation campaigns I’ve ever used, it’s there ready for you to start making money from the get go. If your store is already up and running then it’s possible to migrate your historical data too if required.

With this in place, you’ll be able market based on order frequency, recency, monetary value, order history as well as creating dynamic experiences, orders and abandoned cart sequences.

Infusionsoft CRM Dashboard
The Infusionsoft Dashboard allows easy customisation over Key Metrics and campaigns.
Infusionsoft Campaign Builder
The ‘famous’ Infusionsoft campaign builder, make creating advanced automation logic a doddle.

Key Features

  • Visual Campaign Builder for Automation
  • Online and offline sales
  • Email Marketing
  • Abandoned Cart Campaigns
  • Referral and Affiliate Tracking
  • Dynamic Coupon Generation
  • FRM segmentation (with Revenue Conduit only)
  • Huge range of apps to help automate leads, sales, referrals and more
  • Dynamically send emails, letters, SMS, voicemail, create tasks, and more as part of automation campaigns


  • The Campaign builder is the best I’ve used, which means putting together simple (and not so simple) campaigns is a doddle and can be implemented quickly
  • Tracks both online and offline marketing which is great for integrating direct mail
  • Infusionsoft support is extremely responsive and helpful


  • Requires a third-party integration for Magento
  • Email AB Testing requires 3rd party apps
  • Limited to 100 custom fields which over time will impact data storage


Mid: from $279 (Ecommerce deluxe) + $49.95 for Revenue Conduit

2. HubSpot + Revenue Conduit

HubSpot CRM Logo

HubSpot is a popular inbound marketing tool which has experienced impressive growth in the content marketing age. In all fairness, HubSpot is better known for its content marketing and social media features and tools rather than its sales tools, but that doesn’t mean it can’t add potential for increasing Ecommerce profits.

You’ll get of large selection of pre-populated custom fields, smart lists and work flows to give you the power to generate additional revenue instantly, whilst you focus on creating awesome marketing content.

HubSpot CRM for Magento
The HubSpots Social Media tools allow in-depth interaction with contacts within the CRM.
HubSpot CRM Mobile Email Builder
The HubSpot Email Builder enables users to easily create responsive emails on all devices.

With the inclusive setup from Revenue Conduit, you’ll be able to benefit from the power of marketing based on customer spend, order frequency, products purchased, abandoned carts to name just a few.

Key Features

  • Marketing Automation
  • Social Media Syndication
  • Advanced Attribution Reporting
  • Integrations with 100’s of 3rd party apps
  • Reporting Suite
  • Dynamic Coupon Generation (With Revenue Conduit Only)
  • RFM Segmentation (With Revenue Conduit Only)


  • HubSpot is strong on social media integration aiming to replace the need for platforms like Hootsuite or buffer
  • Good reporting tools for content reach and engagement
  • Very comprehensive solution for established stores


  • Requires a 3rd-party integration for Magento
  • FREE and low-cost options are available, however the real magic comes with the premium offerings.


Mid from £560 +$49.99 for Revenue Conduit per month

3. Bronto

Bronto Software CRM Logo

Best in Class

Bronto is the most accomplished Magento CRM featured in this post list with some of the most impressive features specifically targeted for ecommerce businesses. As one of the longest standing Magento partners, Bronto’s prowess makes the software feel limitless in its capabilities.

My favourite feature with Bronto is the ability to not only market based on whether someone has purchased a product, or specific products, but also the exact stage at which the buyer currently resides. The Bronto ‘Cart Beat’ keeps a close eye on the user’s activity. So if your customer is stalling on filling out delivery details, you can automatically trigger a free shipping code.

Bronto boasts an impressive case study for where it claims to have increased sales from their welcome sequence by an astronomical 50X.

If your store is established and receives considerable traffic and revenue, and you’re looking for a way to take your business to the next level, then Bronto could well be the perfect CRM to help you achieve this.

Bronto CRM Dashboard
The bronto dashboard provides an overview of how your Magento automation is performing.
Bronto CRM Campaign Builder
The Bronto Campaign Builder provides a more complex yet easily navigational drag and drop build.

Key Features

  • Advanced Campaign Builder
  • Order Import with Conversion Tracking
  • RFM Segmentation
  • Abandoned Cart Campaigns
  • Managed Magento Transactional Emails
  • Personalised Content
  • Magento Inventory Synchronisation
  • Dynamic Coupon Management
  • Extensive app store for further integrations


  • This is an ecommerce marketers dream, Bronto provides best-in-class performance
  • Checkout Phases allow for complete creative control over marketing
  • The Magento integration is an in-house project which allows for maximum productivity


  • The only downside is the overall cost (but then you do get what you pay for)


High Price: from £1000 per month (+ Large Launch Fees)

4. Mailchimp

Mailchimp CRM Logo

I wouldn’t consider Mailchimp to be a traditional CRM tool, however it’s been featured because it does offer email marketing automation and can also be used to track basic ecommerce segmentation.

Mailchimp has been around for a fair few years, meaning that some aspects of the system such as their email template and builder is arguably the most advanced and easiest to use of any of the systems featured today.

Mailchimp Report Dashboard
The beautiful Mailchimp reports make keep track of your campaigns simple.
Mailchimp Email Builder
The Mailchimp Email Builder is one of the easiest drag and drop Email Builders out there.

When it comes to Automation, Mailchimp were a little late to the party, however during recent times, it would appear that they are making up for lost ground with regular new development and releases.

Like with most other Magento CRM and inbound systems features, Mailchimp will require integration via a Magento extension. Our recommended option will be to use Ebizmart’s MageMonkey plugin which is FREE and comes with fantastic support from one of my favourite Magento extension developers. This extension will automatically sync data as well as providing functionality for abandoned cart sequences.

Key Features

  • Email Builder
  • Marketing Automation
  • Magento Integration (With Ebizmarts)
  • Abandoned Cart Email (With Ebizmarts)


  • It’s very easy to use
  • It’s a low starting price
  • Abandoned Cart with Ebizmarts


  • It’s cumbersome to set up meaningful ecommerce metrics
  • Automation is limited from an ecommerce standpoint
  • It will very quickly be outgrown for anything other than email broadcasts and simple auto-responder sequences


Low: from £30 per month

5. OroCRM

OroCRM Logo

Most Innovative CRM

OroCRM is an open source Magento CRM tool which was created by Magento co-founder, Yoav Kutner after his Magento departure in 2011. Kutner has re-established connections with several former Magento executives including former Magento CEO, Roy Rubin working as an advisor in the project.

Oro follows some of the key structural principles that Magento does, namely there’s both a paid enterprise version (including a cloud-based options) as well as a FREE community version available.

OroCRM is by far the most innovative solution on this list, making it a serious options for large and success merchants. Their focus on maintaining a flexible and customisable customer view across multiple sales channels, means it’s naturally suited to larger merchants than smaller start ups.

OroCRM Dashboard
The OroCRM dashboard provides an in-depth and customisable overview of how your Magento automation is doing.
OroCrm Email Builder
The OrcCRM email builder is easy to navigate around and create email campaigns due to its simple design.

Although OroCRM is free to use on the community level, this will require some technically competent developers to make customisations and even get installed.

Key Features

  • Complete Multi-channel view of customers
  • Extensive Magento Integration
  • RFM segmentation
  • Opportunity Management
  • Advanced Reporting Suite
  • Email Marketing
  • Abandoned Cart (with Oro Extension-


  • It’s open source, which means that it can be freely edited, including a free community version available.
  • As you would expect from Roy and the team, this is extremely well built and will give the ability to allow for advanced customisations and integrations.
  • You can use ORO to manage multiple channels, ensuring that you can gain the business intelligence from a true 360 view of the system.


  • It isn’t strikingly easy to see how everything works for beginners, and it’s worth mentioning that getting the community version up and running will require a competent developer to deal with the technical setup.
  • Email marketing functionality feels a bit cumbersome, Like that of the inbuilt Magento Email templates. An integration will be required for this.
  • Without Marketing Automation built in creating a MagneticMage™ style marketing system will require an integration with an email platform including the inbuilt connections with Dotmailer and Mailchimp

Price: FREE for community edition

Want to discover the perfect Magento CRM tool for your Magento store? Download your FREE Magento CRM Finder today

6. Klaviyo

Klaviyo CRM Logo

Best Low-cost CRM

Getting started with a Magento CRM system or even just marketing automation requires investments of time and money. If your store is just starting out or money is tight, then it’s good news with Klaviyo as you can get started with a robust Magento email marketing platform without large setup time or costs.

Klaviyo Magento CRM Flow Builder
The Klaviyo Flow Builder provides an easily navigational platform to create CRM flows.
Klaviyo Email Builder
The Klaviyo Email Builder provides a very easy way to create emails with its drag and drop features.

I’ve only recently used Klaviyo for the first time with one of our clients and I can say i’m quite impressed with the simplicity of the program and a few of it’s key features.

Klaviyo makes it very easy to send either broadcast emails (known as campaigns) to your list or automated sequences with flows, but where things start to get exciting is when you install the [integration] with Magento or Magento 2.

Key Features

  • Email Automation
  • Product Recommendations with Data Feeds
  • Abandoned Cart Sequence
  • Order fulfilment sequence
  • Order and purchase metrics including total spent
  • Browsing and behavioural data
  • Integrations for Amazon, Facebook Audience, Eventbrite and many more


  • Amazingly Quick to set up with integrations for Magento 1&2
  • Email builder is intuitive and allows you to create good looking responsive emails
  • Very low cost and time entry point


  • Campaigns are only email based, making it difficult to assign tasks or offline actions as part of your automation campaigns
  • Costs will grow quickly depending on list size, but this is typical of most platforms


Low: From $25 per month (for up to 500 contacts)

7. Remarkety

Remarkety CRM Logo

If you’re looking to setup simple email automation for your Magento store then Remarkety could well be worth a further look. Designed specifically for ecommerce stores, you can take advantage of automated marketing based on key purchase data.

Remarkety Magento CRM Automation Flows
The Remarkety Automation overview provides an an easy platform for automation flow creation.

Like Klaviyo, Remarkety boasts a no-risk free trial and a quick installation, meaning you can deploy your first draft of your marketing automation campaign in a matter of hours without any technical knowledge.

As you would expect with Remarkety being designed specifically for Magento, it can be integrated seamlessly with both Magento 1 & 2 using their own dedicated extension.

Although Remarkety doesn’t boast any ‘unique’ features, it certainly covers all of the functionality required to set up profitable campaigns to maximise revenue from existing customers.

Key Magento CRM Features

  • Newsletters
  • Email Automation
  • Abandoned Cart Sequence
  • Product recommendations
  • Personalised Coupons
  • KPI’s including Average Customer LTV


  • Specifically designed for Ecommerce websites with commercial based event triggers
  • Very quick and easy to set up


  • Campaigns don’t allow for creating offline tasks or marketing
  • Interface feels a little clunky at times when navigating around


Low: From $100 per month

8. Active Campaign

Active Campaign CRM Logo

Since their inception in 2003, Active Campaign has been steadily chipping away making great software, however in the past few years that expansion has gathered pace, with ActiveCampaign fast becoming one of the most popular choices for streamlining your automated marketing efforts.

Take control of your sales, marketing and email automation with a nice range of features and although it’s not the most technically advanced in our list, its beautiful interface and ‘Kanban’ style view makes it extremely intuitive to use and quick to get started.

The two features of ActiveCampaign deserve a special mention are the email builder interface and the automations builder. Although these features are not unique to Active Campaign they have delivered them very effectively.

Active Campaign Magento CRM Email Builder
The Active Campaign Email Builder offers a slick and easily navigational design with drag and drop features.
Active Campaign Magento CRM Automation Designer
The Active Campaign Automation Designer is an easily navigational drag and drop designer perfect for creating automation easily.

Active Campaign is one of the fast growing Magento CRM solutions which means that it’s getting easier and easier to find ready made integrations with other platforms. This is evident by their app store which features over 150 ready made integrations which will massively reduce the need for custom development.

Active Campaign would have been a real contender for the Low-cost solution award, however considering this report is dedicated to integration with Magento, this part of the offering is where things start to fall down.

But fear not, as the guys at Revenue Conduit (You should be getting used to this now) are able to provide an excellent integration which adds much of the required functionality you’ll need to implement a Splendid Apple MagneticMage™ style marketing system.

Features of Active Campaign and Magento CRM

  • Email Marketing (With A/B Testing)
  • Sales & Pipeline Management
  • Visual Email Automations Builder
  • Hosted Forms for Landing Pages
  • SMS Notifications
  • Key Financial Metrics (Revenue Conduit only)
  • Abandoned Cart (Revenue Conduit only)
  • Dynamic Coupon Generation (Revenue Conduit only)


  • Intuitive interface makes for easy operating
  • Low entry price point for basic package


  • Their in-house Magento integration is a disappointment as it doesn’t sync order information


Low: From $49 per month

9. Dotmailer

Dotmailer CRM Logo

The UK-based Dotmailer provides the most exciting proposition of all the Magento CRM’s featured in this list. As a Platinum Magento Partner, it’s no surprise to see how they’ve really focused on the platform as a primary focus for future development.

The platform offers a wide range of quick to deploy features including emails, automation campaigns, surveys, competitions, popover as well as some seriously impressive segmentation and metrics analysis. For Ecommerce marketers and sales managers this tool really is an exciting proposition.

Dotmailer Magento CRM Email Builder
The Dotmailer Email Builder integrates both drag and drop as well as easy customisation of styling.
Dotmailer Magento CRM Program Builder
The Dotmailer Program Builder allows easy creation and customisation of automating programs.

Dotmailer is certainly not for everybody as the £250 per month starting price means that your store will need an established volume of traffic and orders to liquidate both subscription costs and time investments.

That said, if you’re serious about increasing your Magento store’s conversion rate, retention rate and ultimately ROI, don’t waste another minute, sign up for Dotmailer and take control of your business growth.

Key Features

  • Email Marketing
  • Surveys & Forms
  • Advanced Customer Segmentation
  • Popovers and Competitions
  • Advanced Ecommerce Metrics including RFM
  • Personalised and predictive Content and upsells
  • Multi-channel (Enterprise only)


  • The range of features and comparatively low starting price when compared to Bronto makes Dotmailer a fantastic option for Email Marketing


  • As Dotmailer does so much in terms of marketing automation, it would be great if it would also integrate for offline direct mail campaigns


Mid: From £250 per month


Whether you’re just starting out or already using a Magento CRM in conjunction with your ecommerce store, it’s safe to say that getting this right, will have a considerable impact on the overall sales performance. Let me know your experience with Magento CRM by commenting in the box below.

In order to successfully implement a MagneticMage™ style marketing system, you’ll need to get this setup as a major priority.

What Next?

Tell me your biggest win from implementing Magento CRM and automation in your store and your experiences with our chosen platforms and any that you feel I’ve missed out!

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  1. I’ve been using Active Campaign for a while now and really thought it was fantastic but reading this has really opened my eyes to what there is out there (coming from someone who isn’t techy).

  2. Great post on the benefits of each platform. A CRM can also aid an SEO campaign as collecting and organising data can give you an insight into what actions you should be taking based on customer trends and what return is being generated.
    A CRM should also be able to give you ROI from your marketing channels including SEO activity.

  3. Hi Michael. You mention many of our peers so I wondered if I might introduce SwiftERM, ( a Magento plugin developed in 2014. It is award winning, is only one in the world which is fully automatic, and uses a machine learning algorithm to crunch browsing and sales data. As a consequence of these efforts we won the solus right to Trustpilot integration also. We had an Experian review illustrating a x6 ROI higher than ESPs. We provide all new customers with a 30-day free viability. trial, and would welcome your review.

  4. Wow… this is really powerful stuff. And so comprehensive. Huge thanks for putting in the effort, Michael, so we don’t have to!

    I’m always looking for ways to help my clients automate more, so there’s heaps of value here.

  5. Michael, Excellent & Great guide for magento! I liked the way you explained this information, even a beginners can understand the process. It’s really great information.

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